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Step #1

Search a program you would like

Choose from a wide range of career development programs for yourself or for your employees.

Step #2

Verify you are eligible for the program (mentioned in program description)

Please verify you are eligible, the eligibility criteria is mentioned in the description of each program. In case of some programs the criteria may be completion of another program.

You may get in touch with the program coordinator or the help desk for further information

Step #3

Complete the Online Enrollment Application and create your account

Click on enrol for the specific program and start by creating an account.

During the creation of the account you must choose 1 of the 3:

Option 01 – I would like to enroll other employee/s of the company and I will pay for the program
(This option is for employers and HR personnel so that they may complete the enrolment and the payment on behalf of the candidates i.e. employees of the company.)

Option 02 – I would like to enroll myself and also pay for the program
(This option is for individuals who would like to choose a program and pay for it themselves.)

Option 03 – I would like to enroll myself and my company will pay for me
(This option is for individuals who want to choose a program for themselves and would like their employer to pay for it.)

Step #4

Are you an employee of an ESI partner organization?

Are you an employee of one of our partner organizations/firms mentioned below?

If yes please choose your company and get in touch with the HR Department of your company to authorize the enrolment.

You will skip the payment step after this.

If no please select “not a partner”.

Step #5

Choose method of payment

During your enrolment you can choose either one of these options for methods of payment:

– Credit Card / Debit Card

– Bank Transfer

– Paypal

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